Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Benefit Dinner

I had the chance to hear Tony Evans of http://www.tonyevans.org It was interesting. I still get the impression that people think at some point in our life if we sign up with Jesus it becomes rosey. I think there is something to our lives modeled after our suffering and rejected savior. Maybe to much Bonhoeffer.

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Wyatt said...

I also have hatred for the Prosperity Gospel. Life IS rosy... with the prospect of eternal life, and also looks rosy because you have blood in your eyes after the world punches you in the face for being a Christian.
BonHoeffer's "Costly Grace" is against the prosperity gospel, but its also against the works-based suffering or monastic lifestyle because it denies that Christ's death did ALL the work for us, and implies we have to supplement his sacrifice. The result of "Costly Grace" should be peace where we are, not desiring this world or prove our worthiness but ultimately in our joy in the insurmountable debt to jesus.