Monday, July 30, 2007

Book reviews to come.

I know I promised a review for Dan Kimball's book and I will get to that soon. I am almost finished with Sex God by Rob Bell and want to write one up for that. I am getting an advance copy of Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope. I will write up that review as soon as I get it and it's read.

beautiful tears

Hannah called me crying because she sat today with a homeless guy and listened to his story. Later tonight she is going to a very rich mentor of heres for dinner and she is struggling with the opulence, disparity and distance between the two situations.

Few people get choked up this way and I feel for her because I have an idea of how she feels. I know she is torn up. I promised to feed him tonight. I know it isn't enough. We have talked about how we can't invite people back because tomo would never go for it.

Last night we a pact to move to a place we could really help the community and have a group of roommates who would welcome those less off.

This Weekend

I already mentioned I had went to Ravinia to watch the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Friday. It was great and i got to spend the whole night talking with God friends about their ideas about following Christ.

Saturday was great as we kicked off our "Band of Brothers" meeting as it has been called. This week it was Dan and I with Todd joining next Saturday. We had a great talk about Dan's experience in a weekly guy meeting and what he was hoping to get out of it. More updates to come on that and what that will look like. Later that day I bought a giant piece of art from Dan's wife, Erin. I will put a picture up soon.

Saturday night with the 20 something was great. Venetian night and the boats is kinda not worth it. i was told that these are the best fireworks Chicago has all year and I think that is right. They were amazing.

Sunday brought my friends Todd and Erin Paul from the Emergent Church conference to Willow Chicago. To summarize their thoughts on the experience I quote Paul, "Erin I think I am going to convert. I'm converting to Mega-churchism. I mean after all the stuff we have done because we felt it's what Christ wants I want to convert to Mega-churchism. It seems so easy and we end up in the same place." I couldn't help but laugh and fell the sick because it was true. He also mentioned how he is used to starting with community and working from there to fix a problem instead of the self reflection first idea we usually propagate. It was definitely worth thinking about.

We also got to meet John, Lori and their baby. John is finishing up his residency in eye surgery and wants to be a missionary doctor. I was so excited to here this. I hope to connect him with Fran, New Life for Haiti.

So Sunday was great as we also got our three married couple friends together. It turns out I am good at connecting people. Hopefully soon I can learn to connect them for something world changing and not just a fireworks display.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friday Night

was interesting. Found out Becky is going back home. Wants to do youth ministry at her home church. She really seems to love it there. So I am excited for her.

Hung out with a friends afterwards. That was interesting.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Serving with the NEW Monastics

4th Thursday meant it was time for the homeless shelter. This is always a blessed time in my week as I get to see more of the guys who show up at Willow Chicago. It has been great to take Mitch driving so he can get a license. It seems that it will open him up to a whole new set of jobs that hopefully can get him a steady income.

So the shelter was great but the best part was that we to spend more time speaking with Todd and his wife (who's name I am really bad at remembering). Todd and his wife used to belong in a community in Knoxville that had a lot of dinners and served a lot. Sounded great to Hannah and I.

They talked alot about how things begin to get flawed when you institutionalize Christianity. They weren't trying to say that it was evil or that people needed to do it differently. They just conveyed that real Christian community meant spend time with people and serving. Hannah and I were excited and felt they had alot to teach us.

We will be spending some time with them in the next few weeks and getting to know them more. I also think they will like Dan and Erin who are also two friends of ours.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Anti-Establishment Edwards

In this article their is a point made that presidential candidate John Edwards is not going to tow the company line. He is going to brave criticism and actually talk about the real issues. So what? Listen I have a deep place in my heart for those left out in this world. I think it was given to me by Christ and that is was something that Christ felt also. But I spend plenty of time as many of us do and as John Edwards is doing now talking about the poor and yet doing not much in action. We all talk a big talk except some of us do nothing.

So my real question is: Will you really do anything about it John Edwards? Do you really care so much that if you win the election you are going to change the face of poverty in America and in this world? We all talk but very few us are willing to move to make a chance. Let today be the day the change something small. John I hope that today and tomorrow is the day that you change something small and maybe work your way up to something big.

I haven't had a chance to read his book about ending poverty. If any one has let's hear the comments. I'd love to hear more about it.

The Roscoe Missional Community

Tuesday saw the launch of the Roscoe Missional Community. This is our pilot of Willow Barrington's Axis Missional Community except we are in the city.

We had around 10 people over to share food and spend some time together. It went great. People broke off into group and got to know each other. In an ever better way people get to meet people who live nearby them they may have never meet. People still exploring their faith (aren't we all though) got to speak with people who they really enjoyed and got to see a positive and supportive body of Christ.

It was great besides the talk of the importance of a man "really sacrificing" to save for an expensive engagement ring. I still think that we are called to live with as little as possible. I just can't imagine buying my fiancé an engagement ring that could build a school in one of the countries I one day hope to spend time in. How can you look into the eyes of a malnourished child begging for affection and a school day instead of a work day knowing that a good portion of the money he needs for food and education in the next ten years is sitting on your finger. Three months salary? If we can translate that into the giving we give to others then maybe we can see the end of "stupid povery".

I'll soon finish my book review of They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nooma - Noise 005 - A Review

Today I watched the Rob Bell Nooma Noise 005 video. It was very good and really spoke to the fact that I take no time for quit at all. Always have some noise going on. Then I wonder why God doesn't speak to me like he does "all those other people" who I seem to think he speaks so clearly to. Maybe I think about God alot but I rarely show the respect by giving him the moment to speak.

God I want you to know that I am going to give you that time. I'm going to do it now. As in right now.

They Like Jesus but Not the Church - A Review

So I am closing in on the end of They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations by Dan Kimball. It's been a good book and I think it starts a great discussion on how to really be Christ in today's world. That maybe we are to do Matthew 28 but not by force but by being the end of Matthew 25.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Went home and went directly to sleep. Was alseep most of the night. Feeling like a new person.

Need to get my arse in gear and get some work and personal work done. Plan on taking an hour today for some photoreading.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Day Another Headache

Gearing up to find more info on Haiti. Found a community center in Chicago that deals with the Haitian people. We will see what assistance they may need.

Back at Work

Back at work and trying to once again balance work and all the other things I have to do in life. Willow Chicago, decided to finish my Photoreading course, and do some research on Haiti. Let you know how that all goes.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

After The Emergent Church Conference

I have decided to start blogging again after attending the Midwest Emergent Gathering This will be my now blog home that serves as my journal of my life from here on.