Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Roscoe Missional Community

Tuesday saw the launch of the Roscoe Missional Community. This is our pilot of Willow Barrington's Axis Missional Community except we are in the city.

We had around 10 people over to share food and spend some time together. It went great. People broke off into group and got to know each other. In an ever better way people get to meet people who live nearby them they may have never meet. People still exploring their faith (aren't we all though) got to speak with people who they really enjoyed and got to see a positive and supportive body of Christ.

It was great besides the talk of the importance of a man "really sacrificing" to save for an expensive engagement ring. I still think that we are called to live with as little as possible. I just can't imagine buying my fiancé an engagement ring that could build a school in one of the countries I one day hope to spend time in. How can you look into the eyes of a malnourished child begging for affection and a school day instead of a work day knowing that a good portion of the money he needs for food and education in the next ten years is sitting on your finger. Three months salary? If we can translate that into the giving we give to others then maybe we can see the end of "stupid povery".

I'll soon finish my book review of They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations.

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