Monday, July 30, 2007

This Weekend

I already mentioned I had went to Ravinia to watch the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Friday. It was great and i got to spend the whole night talking with God friends about their ideas about following Christ.

Saturday was great as we kicked off our "Band of Brothers" meeting as it has been called. This week it was Dan and I with Todd joining next Saturday. We had a great talk about Dan's experience in a weekly guy meeting and what he was hoping to get out of it. More updates to come on that and what that will look like. Later that day I bought a giant piece of art from Dan's wife, Erin. I will put a picture up soon.

Saturday night with the 20 something was great. Venetian night and the boats is kinda not worth it. i was told that these are the best fireworks Chicago has all year and I think that is right. They were amazing.

Sunday brought my friends Todd and Erin Paul from the Emergent Church conference to Willow Chicago. To summarize their thoughts on the experience I quote Paul, "Erin I think I am going to convert. I'm converting to Mega-churchism. I mean after all the stuff we have done because we felt it's what Christ wants I want to convert to Mega-churchism. It seems so easy and we end up in the same place." I couldn't help but laugh and fell the sick because it was true. He also mentioned how he is used to starting with community and working from there to fix a problem instead of the self reflection first idea we usually propagate. It was definitely worth thinking about.

We also got to meet John, Lori and their baby. John is finishing up his residency in eye surgery and wants to be a missionary doctor. I was so excited to here this. I hope to connect him with Fran, New Life for Haiti.

So Sunday was great as we also got our three married couple friends together. It turns out I am good at connecting people. Hopefully soon I can learn to connect them for something world changing and not just a fireworks display.

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