Friday, July 27, 2007

Serving with the NEW Monastics

4th Thursday meant it was time for the homeless shelter. This is always a blessed time in my week as I get to see more of the guys who show up at Willow Chicago. It has been great to take Mitch driving so he can get a license. It seems that it will open him up to a whole new set of jobs that hopefully can get him a steady income.

So the shelter was great but the best part was that we to spend more time speaking with Todd and his wife (who's name I am really bad at remembering). Todd and his wife used to belong in a community in Knoxville that had a lot of dinners and served a lot. Sounded great to Hannah and I.

They talked alot about how things begin to get flawed when you institutionalize Christianity. They weren't trying to say that it was evil or that people needed to do it differently. They just conveyed that real Christian community meant spend time with people and serving. Hannah and I were excited and felt they had alot to teach us.

We will be spending some time with them in the next few weeks and getting to know them more. I also think they will like Dan and Erin who are also two friends of ours.

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